While partnering with thousands of manufacturers and distributors, Vertisec Corp. allows its customers to increase their profitability by obtaining lower product costs and better quality.
For example, Vertisec Corp. with its large manufacturing base is not just in China, but in other resource rich areas of the world, such as Southeast Asia, India, and Eastern Europe.

However, before choosing a manufacturer, we examine each stage of production process, product design, raw materials supply, assembly process, equipment, packaging process, quality control, and work environment. We then use our vast experience to support suppliers improve their production, the quality and appearance of products, to be in accordance with the intended market.

We offer last generation products that meet required specifications in U.S., Europe, and Brazil, innovative design adds value and is more competitive.
The advantages we offer allow our customers to search for suppliers beyond the domestic market. Therefore, using a company that speaks your language, knows the local laws, and is able to offer your company products and solutions that meet your expectations and budget, is necessity.